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Whereas war, with its localities, appears to be contained and is tied to a place, peace seems to denote a broader, more abstract term and is perceived as describing a possibility separate from an actually existing place of manifestation. Is peace an u-topia, a space, a situation without location, taking shape only within idealistic fantasies and philosophical approaches? Is peace simply the lack of war, does it only exist in relation to war, does peace form an individual system of power generating restrictions in the forms of radicalismspeace utopia or real space? questions and researches artistic activity regarding its possibilities in order to localize and establish  peace and its conditions of existence within society. Analyzing the term peace in relation to possible meanings, connotations and usages is one of the basic interests of this project. What might concepts of peace be, what its pre-conditions, when and where may peace be found? Is it possible to tie this to the everyday life of a society and what are the forms of its transfer and implementation so that it may become reality with the help of art and artistic work?Conceived as open project in progress, peace utopia or real space? presents existing art projects researching this question within their work and puts them up for discussion, label political, social and theoretical problems, signify and develop works that make it possible to create peace as a felt space.peace utopia or real space? operates as multilayered project, within an interactive and interdisciplinary exchange through collaboration and networking. Comprised of contributions, information and links of artists, scholars and other interested parties, it is open to a broader public through an individual info website, exhibitions, screenings and workshops, project presentations and talks, prioritizing room for verbal exchanges.

>> The project will start with a large event series in October 2008 and takes place in artransponder project room, Brunnenstrassse 151, 10115 Berlin as well as in other locations in the city.

The project aims to collect and make visible examples of artistic works that do not only approach the topic in showing facettes of war, pictures of hate, sorrow, oppression and terror but do express/translate ideas and take real action of something which might contribute in creating "peace".

The project peace - utopia or real space? has several layers:

  • base station is the gallery space which provides information through project documentaries and a theme based book archive and provides a space  for networking
  • internet acess to the website where participating groups will have space to explain their projects and to theme related project links
    Visitors will have access to the web site during the time of the exhibition
  • Evening events - selected artists/artist groups/theoreticians will be invited to have talks and panel discussions
  • conversation space- visitors can come in for having dialogues with artists or just other visitors about peace, during  breakfast or lunch or dinner time or stay for a meal after the evening events.
  • Satellite Art Projects in the city area of Berlin
  • A printed documentary which reflects the outcome of this project and additional texts to the theme will follow

 >press information PDF for download<

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>>  We are looking for any informations ideas links ...

if you saw some work that you think might be of interest for us, if you know somebody who is working on this topic, if you know somebody who might be interested in participation or in being linked, if you ARE somebody interested in participation or in being linked, if you know about some upcoming projects.. - please give us a hint a link, spread the word..

Please check the other categories of this website for more details and for information of how to get involved.

"Concerning Peace: Utopia or Pantopia? - International Peace Workshop 2008" held from 2 October to 4 October, will take place in the very beginning  of the project and is a cooperation with the International Research Group Transcendental Philosophy/German Idealism of the institute for philosophy, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin. The workshop will combine philosophical aswell as artistic statements.
...more information about the workshop

A project by Tatjana Fell Concept/Main Organization/Curating

Peace Workshop and Conference_Scientific Concept/Organization:
Kai Gregor/Sergej Schpetschinsky

supported by arttransponder Berlin