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arttransponder was founded in 2004 and has been operating as a non profit organization since 2005.

Their goal is to develop, to research and to support artistic forms of production, which take into account and reflect on their broader context.Cultural production as an intersection of contextual practices and relationships has determined the focus of arttransponder´s program since 2005. With their concept arttransponder is developing mainly four threads crystallized from this:

the realisation of participatory and context based projects simultaneously pursuing aesthetic and integrative public aspects, the development of projects for art mediation that involve innovative methods beyond monological tours, involving the aspiration to develop individual artistic positions; networking between artists, art groups and initiatives for art mediation, as well as the exploration of theoretical levels immediately connected with art production.

The project peace-utopia or real space? is made possible through the financial and logistic support of arttransponder Berlin

International research group transcendental philosophy/German idealism of the institute for philosophy from the Technische Universität Berlin

Cooperation partners:

Professor Christoph Asmuth/
Kai Gregor/Sergueï Spetschinsky

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initiative neue musik berlin



CATALYST project space, Schliemannstr. 34, 10437 Berlin

supporters for single art projects you will find attached to the artists project description